Professional Drone Video Services


Professional Drone Video Services

I shoot cinematic aerial imagery for film, television, digital media and corporate communications.


Let’s Fly!

Aerial imagery will add a unique perspective to your next project.

St. Louis drone cinematographer Michael Rosenthal

Hi, I’m Mike.

I’m an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer and an FAA Part 107 licensed UAV pilot.

Many of you may know me as the Managing Partner of 90 Degrees West, an acclaimed St. Louis motion media creation studio.

I’m fortunate to oversee the big picture at a full-service studio. But my great passion is much simpler: working behind a camera. Concentrating on the basics — framing the scene, chasing the perfect light, planning the right movement — while making sure we’re telling an effective story.

Drones have given me an awesome new set of tools that turbocharge my capabilities.

Thanks for reading!



DJI Inspire 2 is an amazing flying machine designed specifically for aerial cinematography.

  • up to 5k RAW video capture

  • interchangeable lenses for a variety of cinematic looks

  • waypoint programming and intelligent tracking modes that allow us to pre-plan complex camera moves — it’s like have a mile long dolly track in the sky with movement we can repeat precisely

  • impressive speed (0-50mph in 5 seconds with a top speed of 58mph)

The Inspire 2 produces 5k CinemaDNG/RAW files for maximum quality and flexibility in edit, VFX and color grade.


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